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Hot Carajillo's Happy Band, present their show Swing Party, inspired in the carajillo-fueled atmosphere of the American clubs in the 40's and 50's, playing songs of some of the biggest performers of swing & rhythm 'n' blues (Louis Prima, Big Joe Turner, Louis Jordan, Benny Waters, Louis Armstrong, Renato Carosone, etc.) encouraging the audience to join in, turning the concert into a big party.
The members of the band are professional musicians, they have performed with distinguished Spanish artists, and international artists in tour, such as Nina, Pets, Sheila Weaver, Johnny Mars, Rebeldes, La Lloll, Gatos Locos, Freddy Fingers Lee, O. Girasol, Jimmy Lee, Huapachŕ Combo, Llorenzo Santamaria, etc.

Hot Carajillo's Happy Band
QUIMET CARRERAS - vocals, guitar, swaine, cazoó
GERARD MORAGUES - piano & backing vocals
JORDI BLANCH - saxo & backing vocals
PEPO DOMÉNECH - bass & backing vocals
MARCOS LÓPEZ - drums & backing vocals